At the S-T/L-C Clinics we offer only a variety of high quality supplements such as vitamins and minerals like calcium such as BioCalth for maximum calcium absorption, enzymes such as M7 digestive aid with plant enzymes, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies, one of our best sellers aerobic oxygen, and more!

Please contact us by phone, email or drop in for a complete list.
Healthcare Products
At the S-T/L-C Clinics we offer a variety of quality health-care products including herbal lotions and oils from China for pain conditions, and headache relief, magnetic health-care products, moxibustion herbs and sticks, acupuncture and cupping supplies, auricular acupuncture seeds and machines, orthotic shoes, pillows, back suports, shampoos and conditioners, facial creams, etc.
Please contact us by phone, email or drop in for a complete list.
Herbal Remedies

In the S-T/L-C Clinics we offer a variety of high-quality herbal remedies, many of them from China with its 5000 year tradition of Chinese Herbal Medicine. This long history has provided ample anecdotal and clinical and clinical proof of the healing properties of these herbal remedies. We have also developed our own weight-loss tea to combine with our Weight-Loss program. We also offer herbal remedy packages to combine with our Stop-Smoking and Detoxification Program We recommend that for best results patients consult with our Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The medical needs of individual patients require individual examination and attention. We are willing to discuss patient needs over the phone or by email.

The following is a list of herbs and the conditions they treat

Cough with dry lungs
Epigastric Pain
Hair Loss
Abdominal Tension
Intestinal Rumbling after eating
Migraine Headache
Insomnia & Stress
Dizziness, Tinnitis, Ringing in the Ear
Bi Syndromes
Wei Syndromes
Bell's Palsy
Menopause (male & female)
Kidney & Bladder Dysfunction
Anxiety, Insomnia, Brain Stress
Lower Back Pain (Kidney deficiency)
Nourish Chi & cleanse Liver function
Weight Loss & Constipation
Stomach Flu, Nausea
Prevention of Internal Heat & Cold
Yeast Infection
Prevention of Miscarriage
Vaginal & Yeast Infection
Stagnation of Liver Chi
Hepatitis (Live dysfunction)
Stagnation of Liver
Chi Stagnation in the Digestive System
Herbal Treatment
Panlanken for prevention of cough, cold & flu & also cleanses and detoxifies
YangYinQinfei (nourishes body Yin parts)
Baohe Wan (for pain, bloating, gas & diarrhea)
Yang Wei Wan (reduces need to vomit)
Baohe Wan
Seven Treasure Pill, Bn Tu
Run Chang Wan
Shuxin, Jiangya
Bao He Wan
Dong Quai
Yang Wei Wan
Superior Male Tonic
Piantoutong Wan
U-Ease Wuchaseng
Ermingwan Lingzhiriangtipian (caused by damage to nervous system or when caused by illness)
Chuang Yao Tonic, Anti-Lumbago Tablets
Chuang Yao Tonic
Dong Quai, Climactiro
Dong Quai, Angelicae Tablets, 10 Herb Soup (simmer chicken for at least 10 minutes)
Sexton Pills
Chuang Yao Tonic, Anti-Lumbago Tablets
Xie Gan Wan
Slim Beauty Tea
Infertility Pills
Yudai Wan
Antai Wan
Fukor Xiao Yau Ling
Hsiao Yao Wan
Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan
Shun Qi Wan