Children's Health

Treatment for Children

Dr. Diana Tong Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen, Dr. of Acupuncture, Drs. of Naturopathy, Drs. of Traditional Chinese Medicine at S-T/L-C Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinics have been treating thousands of of patients over the past 25 years for various medical conditions. Our patients have great results, and our treatments for children are among the best because we use natural therapy without medications, pain, or side effects.

The S-T/L-C Clinics have an excellent history of treating the various conditions and illnesses that can develop in children, such as asthma, allergies, Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADD/ADHD), digestive disorders, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, and flu.

When helping children we always recommend an initial consultation so that the Doctors can thoroughly understand the child's medical history, current condition, and personality. They take the opportunity to know the child better. This greatly helps the child to feel more comfortable and builds a personal relationship between the Doctor and child.

After the consultation testing may be necessary. At the S-T/L-C Clinics we offer a variety of both high tech and traditional natural testing techniques such as the Vega Allergy Test, the Organ Function Test, and the Live Blood Test to determine the cause of the illnesses and the conditions.

The Vega Allergy Test can detect allergies and sensitivities to more the two hundred different items such as: foods, pollen, mold, chemicals, animal hair, and dental material. It can also identify hidden allergies. The Vega Testing is accurate, safe, and painless. After identifying sensitive items it is easy to set up a personalized diet plan and treatment program. The Vega Test determines the suitability of vitamins, minerals, herbs and Homeopathic Remedies that you are taking.

The Organ Function Test identifies the source of the illness at the organ level. It determines which organs have a functional disorder or imbalance. Like the Vega Allergy Test, the Organ Function Test is also accurate, safe, and painless.

The Live Blood Test allows the Doctors to check the child's health on a cellular level. The child and parent can view digestive patterns, nutritional deficiencies, and immune system problems live on screen. >From a small finger prick the fats and proteins in the bloodstream can be seen as well as any vitamin, mineral, and enzyme deficiencies. The white blood cells can be monitered in action and yeasts and parasites can be spotted.

After the consultation and the testing we then thoroughly understand the child's condition. We can develop a personalized treatment program which not only treats the symptoms but the disease, the source of the disease, and the whole person. The treatments may include No Needle-No Pain Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Tuina (Chinese Children's Massage), and Cranio Sacral Therapy. We have successfully treated many children with this regime of treatments.

The No Needle-No Pain Acupuncture is a very popular treatment for young children and even those adults who dislike the idea of needles. Instead of attaching needles to the electrical stimulator during Acupuncture, this treatment uses magnets to stimulate the acupoints.

The Cupping Therapy is an ancient technique designed specifically to increase circulation and regulate internal organ function. This unique treatment heats air inside cups which when applied to the back bilaterally creates suction. This suction works to regulate the internal organs, the nervous system, and the glandular system. It also removes excess tension from the muscles supporting the spinal column. This helps improve many musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Cranio Sacral Therapy is used to correct possible nervous system problems that contribute to hypertension, ADD and ADHD. These nervous system problems may reside in the cranium or at the base of the cranium. These cranial/nervous system problems are often the result of difficult births. (Many American hospitals have Cranio Sacral Therapy performed on newborn children) These cranial/nervous system problems may also result from traumatic blows to the upper body, or from falls involving the tailbone and the back and shoulders that have gone undiagnosed and untreated. Many young children get thrown about in their car seats and in effect suffer from whiplash, which is also successfully treated by Cranio Sacral Therapy.

Using the multitude of different test and treatment techniques Dr. Diana Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen have helped many children to improve their overall health and well being, eliminating breathing problems, fatigue, earaches, stomachaches, and many other conditions. Dr. Diana Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen have not only helped many parents concerned about their child's health, but they have also helped their own children at the S-T and L-C Acupuncture and Naturopathy Clinics.

Please call the S-T Natural Medicine Center at (902) 832-0688 or the L-C Acupuncture Clinic at (902)429-8839 to book your consultation today.