Vega Test for Allergies & Sensitivities

Tests more that 200 different items, including:

  • Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Pollen
  • Animal Hair
  • Mold
  • Dental Material

- Identifies hidden allergies
- Accurate and safe (no pain, no broken skin)
- Sets up a personalized diet plan and treatment program
- Determines the suitability of vitamins, minerals, herb and homeopathic remedies that you are taking

The Vega Test will determine which food, chemical, or natural substance like animal hair or pollen may be aggravating your immune system, lowering your tolerance and causing different symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, itching eyes, wheezing, headaches, fatigue, digestive disorders, irritability, etc.)

This test can categorize over two hundred items into five (5) different groups (A, B, C, D, and E).
A – Normal
B – Sensitivity
C – Allergy I
D – Allergy II
E – Allergy III (severe)

Vega Allergy Testing is a three-stage process. The first is detoxification. The items that you are sensitive or allergic to (anything below ‘B’) should be avoided for at least three weeks. This elimination will allow your body to release stored toxins. In most cases, the patients need some natural therapies such as massage therapy and hydrotherapy or supplements to help clean out the toxins and relieve the symptoms.

The second stage is treating the source. This is done by using natural therapies (acupuncture, naturopathy), enzymes, vitamins, and herbal therapies to build up immunity, regulate internal organ function, and re-balance the body’s system so that the source of the allergy can be treated.

The third stage is re-testing and follow-up. After you follow the program for one month you need to retest the items which you showed a sensitivity or allergy to. Improvement will be seen at this time which means that your body is getting stronger. Step by step, you will be able to enjoy more foods and nature.

In a controlled, comparative study of various ways of testing food sensitivities, performed by Julia Tsuei M.D., which compared blood, scratch, cytotoxic, food challenge, and electro-acupuncture (Vega), results proved that Vega testing is very accurate.

What is Vega Testing?

  • Vega testing provides a way of making preventative medicine a realistic possibility.
  • Vega testing was developed in Germany over the last 40 years by a number of physicians, dentists, and scientists, and applies biophysical techniques to Oriental acupuncture.
  • The Vega Test measures the electro-magnetic (energy) response of the acupoints and meridians. These acupoints correspond to various body systems and the different internal organs. Most of the acupoints are located in the ear, hands, feet, and back.
  • Research shows that Vega Tests could identify disorders in the body often before symptoms become manifested. For some patients, after indications have been treated, another deeper layer will be found on a full retest.
  • Presently, more than 10,000 Vega testing machines are used in Europe and North America.

Organ Function Testing
This testing can determine which organs have function disorders or imbalances.

By detecting these imbalance disorders and correcting them through natural healing, we can prevent many problems and diseases.

Live Blood Cell Microscopy
The first service of its kind in the province of Nova Scotia, Live Blood Microscopy on a cellular level offeres a unique look at health.
From a finger prick blood sample, over 500,000 blood cells may be observed live, just as they behave in the body. The properly trained Health Professional is able to check paients health from the cellular level. The patient also views his/her own blood sample on a video monitor and may have the sample videotaped for future comparisons.

Clinic Research shows that Dramatic improvements are visible in just a few weeks once a personalized program (therapy/nutritional) is put together and followed. The patient not only feels better but can also view the change on scren. This can effectively demonstarte the specific underlying situations which are of concern now, and may represent themselves later in life if left unchecked.

The advantage of Live Blood Microscopy is that many disorders can be detected before standard blood tests can detect chemical changes. Basically, all disease processes have simple beginnings. That approach may be more successful because the problems are discovered while they are still in infant stages, or beacuase the problems are approached as deficiencies stemming from dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Live Blood Examinations

Circulation Toxicity Metals
liver stress indicators
atherosclerotic plaque
Crystals Uric Acid (arthritic)
Digestion clumping and stacking
fat and protein digestion
Immunity white blood cells
pathogens / systemic yeast
Red Blood cells Vitamin / Mineral deficiencies free radical damage
shape and size indications
live activity indications

Dietary factors and chronic diseases can be linked. If indicators are found during the sub-clinical stages of disease development, action can be taken to avoid the disease. This is considered tur preventative Nautral Therapy. Various forms of diseases have clinical symptoms as defined by medicine, but there are indicators detected on the cellular level which warn of possible future problems. Again, it is not our objective to diagnose, but to look for the tell-tale signs of digestive malfunction, nutritional deficiency, and immunity weakness and imbalance. It is surprisingly effective to approach health from this level, rather than by chasing symptoms.